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Find a Fix for Any Auto Repair Need

Get quality workmanship when it comes to major and minor auto repairs. We put you first with honesty and integrity. Find sound advice for when to invest and not invest in repairs, post and pre-purchase vehicle inspections, courtesy code scans, and brake inspections. Get experienced repairs from The Auto Shop of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, open since 1999. Call 909-946-3977 to make an appointment.

Auto Repairs Mechanic
  • Ignition tune ups

  • Air fuel induction and injection

  • Oil changes

  • Starting and charging system checks

  • Automatic transmission filter and fluid services

  • Manufacturer based interval services

  • Manual transmission fluid services

General Auto Repairs or Maintenance

Get Great Component Replacements

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"HONEST assessment and quality, knowledgeable service. Came in for a brake job and they told me exactly what I needed, explained why I needed it, showed me the damage and wear on my old stuff, told me what I didn't need, and what I could do to save money."

- Travis T

  • Window regulators, motors, and switches

  • Radiators, cooling hoses, water pumps, and fans

  • Mirror, head and tail lamp assemblies

  • Wipers, turn, brake, head, or marker bulb replacement

  • Brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, and hardware

  • Shocks, struts, and coils

  • Power steering pumps and hoses

  • Timing belts, idlers, and tensioners

  • Batteries, alternators, and starters

  • Constant velocity drive axles